Video Bulletins From The War Zone

Armed with camcorders, and even cell phone cameras, soldiers and Marines from the MTV and Internet generation are sending home adrenalin-packed video postcards and music videos.

CBS News correspondent Vince Gonzales reports they provide front-seat views of combat unlike anything seen in any previous war.

Soldiers are even attaching cameras to their helmets for a first-person view of the moments when war gets up close and personal.

But many times, the enemy stays hidden. Whether it's an attack on a base in Afghanistan, a crowded Baghdad street, or a wide-open Iraqi highway.

Sometimes the insurgents miss and video show soldiers cheering. Sometimes they don't, as another shows a car windshield shattering, gunfire and shouting.

Several of the videos found on the Internet reveal bizarre methods of relieving the stress that comes with life in the combat zone — like playing air guitar with a shovel, moon walking and ambushing Porta Potties.

"We have destructed the Porta Potties!" shout some soldiers as they knock over a toilet.

And some soldiers have flipped over the wide-open spaces in Iraq, doing bike jumps over sand dunes.

The Brits in Iraq take the prize for the most elaborate video which stars an entire unit, a performance of "Is This The Way To Amarillo?"

So many people tried to download the spoof of a music video that the Ministry of Defense's computers crashed.

There are some things the digital revolution will never change: War is still hell — and boys will always be boys.