VIDEO: Brawl between two girls at NYC high school caught on tape, report says

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - A violent fight was caught on video last week with two teen girls brawling in a New York City high school, according to CBS New York.

The cell phone video, shot last Thursday at the Murry Bergtraum School for Business Careers in Lower Manhattan, shows the two teens punching and pulling each other's hair until one of them ends up on the floor. According to CBS New York, the New York Police Dept. has issued nine summonses and one youth desk appearance ticket in response to two separate fights on Thursday, April 18.

CBS New York reported it was the latest in a recent string of violent incidents at the school.

Last year, four students at Bergtraum were charged with attempted arson for allegedly trying to set a textbook on fire. In a separate incident several students were involved in a fight and one of them hit a police officer while he was attempting to break it up, the station reported.