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VIDEO: Brash NYC burglars drive off with ATM in tow

NEW YORK - The search is on for a pair of brash burglars in the Brooklyn borough of New York City who hooked up a car to an ATM machine and pulled it straight out of the wall of a bodega, reports CBS New York.

It happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday -- surveillance video shows a man walking across the street towards the ATM and then attaching a chain to it. An Escalade is then seen arriving and the chain is attached to the vehicle. The vehicle begins to drive off, but sparks fly and the chain breaks off.

The suspects try again and eventually the vehicle is seen driving off with the money machine dragging behind it.

Sources tell the station the pair sped off toward the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. They then ran a red light where a camera got a picture of the SUV with its license plate.

Police hope they have enough information to track the suspects.

The ATM is believed to have had about $5,000 in it, according to the station.