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VIDEO: Boy body-slams his alleged bully

In Australia, a bullying victim has become an Internet hero after he turned the tables on his tormentor. And it was all caught on tape Monday.

Casey Heynes is seen backed up against a wall, being punched several times by a younger, smaller boy.

Suddenly, Casey body-slams the alleged bully, sending him scampering off.

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Footage of the fight at Chifley College, Dunheved Campus at North St. Mary's has since gone viral, with hundreds of comments garnered on Facebook -- many in support of Casey.

According to the Sydney Telegraph, both students were suspended for four days after the incident.

Casey's father told the Australian publication on Tuesday his son had been the victim of bullying for several years and feared for his safety if he spoke about the fight.

"There'll be reprisals from other kids in the school and he still has to go to school somewhere," he said.

"He's not a violent kid; it's the first time he's lashed out and I don't want him to be victimized over that.

"He's always been taught never to hit. Apparently, other people's parents don't teach their kids that."

One student interviewed by the Sydney Telegraph said, "People pick on (Casey) every single day, they hit him around and stuff, and he just got sick of it and let out the anger."

As for the student Casey body-slammed, according to New South Wales Department of Education and Training spokeswoman, he suffered a grazed knee in the incident.