Video: "Bold" burglars use power tools in daytime break-in

MIAMI -- Police in Miami are searching for a pair of “bold” burglars they say used power tools to break into a woman’s high-rise apartment March 31, reports CBS Miami.

The incident was captured on surveillance video. The two burglars are seen using a loud power drill and a screwdriver to break in during the daytime robbery.

“These offenders were extremely bold,” Miami Police officer Chris Bess told the station. “This crime happened just after 2 p.m.”

The suspects bypassed a key pad and a lobby with a security check-in and went up to the 12th floor before breaking in, the station reports. They made off with $5,000 in cash and $10,000 worth of valuables, including designer purses.

“They used power tools to gain access and they knew exactly what they were doing,” Bess said.

Police are hoping someone who recognizes the two burglars will come forward. Anyone with information is asked to call Miami Police.