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Video shows 6-year-old girl arrested at Orlando school

Bodycam footage shows 6-year-old girl's arrest
Bodycam footage shows 6-year-old girl arrested at Orlando school 01:54

Newly released bodycam footage shows the moment a six-year-old from Orlando was arrested at her school. Family attorney, Darryl R. Smith, released video of the September 2019 incident, when Kaia Rolle was arrested for allegedly kicking a teacher.

"What are those?" Rolle asks as Officer Dennis Turner approaches her with zip ties. "It's for you," he responds.

"No, I don't want handcuffs on!" she screams. "I want to stay in school."

The young girl is shown pleading with the officer to release her as he removes her from the school.

"I don't want to go into a police car," the six-year-old sobs. "Please give me a second chance, please let me go."

After she is placed in the car, Turner returns to the school to talk with the teacher. "If she were bigger she'd be wearing regular handcuffs," he said. 

The officer said she's the youngest person he's placed in custody. "She's 6. now she has broken the record."

Turner was fired after an internal investigation by the Orlando Police Department.

Rolle's grandmother, Meralyn Kirkland, told CBS affiliate WKMG-TV that the first-grader at Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy was acting out in class, a side effect of a lack of sleep because she suffers from sleep apnea.

"As a grandfather, I can understand how traumatic this was for everyone involved," Chief Orlando Rolón said in September, adding that he reminded officers that department policy prohibits the arrest of juveniles without a manager's approval.

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