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"Victor Frankenstein" trailer released

It's alive: The tale of Frankenstein is making a comeback.

The trailer for "Victor Frankenstein" was released on Tuesday. James McAvoy stars as the namesake in the scary flick and Daniel Radcliffe plays his assistant, Igor Straussman.

The film is described as "a dynamic and thrilling twist on a legendary tale" by 20th Century Fox. The story follows Frankenstein and Strausman as they research immortality and take experiments too far. Frankenstein's experiment has "horrifying consequences," and Igor must help save him from the monster.

Frankenstein says in the trailer that he wants to make a "man in our own image" and that he is unafraid to challenge the natural order of life.

The trailer makes the film seem as good-humored as it is dark -- the video is full of one-liners and clever quips. And don't expert Daniel Radcliffe to hobble around hissing, "Yes, master," because it looks like Igor has more of a peer than servant role in this modern take.

Are you excited for this reboot of a classic?

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