Victims in Grand Rapids shooting include two ex-girlfriends, daughter of suspect Rodrick Shonte Dantzler

Roderick Shonte Dantzler
Roderick Shonte Dantzler

(CBS/WWMT/AP) GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Among the seven victims left dead in the shooting spree that began Thursday afternoon in Grand Rapids, Mich. are two ex-girlfriends and the daughter of shooter Rodrick Shonte Dantzler. Dantzler killed himself following a high speed chase and hostage situation after the rampage.

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Chief Kevin Belk says Rodrick Shonte Dantzler killed his 12-year-old daughter and her mother. Belk says Dantzler also shot another former girlfriend at another location, along with her 10-year-old daughter who was not his child.

Police initially got a 911 call Thursday afternoon from someone saying that a man had admitted to killing three people. Police rushed to Dantzler's home, but officers couldn't find him.

After another 911 call, officers found three victims at a home on Plainfield Avenue. The homeowner had found the bodies of her two adult daughters and her granddaughter. An hour later, police discovered the other four victims across town in a ranch-style house on a cul-de-sac called Brynell Court.

While police were investigating the seven homicides, police received a report of a "road rage" shooting. Police say Dantzler, 34, had apparently shot at a man through the rear window of the vehicle he was driving. The man survived.

Police spotted Dantzler near downtown Grand Rapids. Dantzler raced down city streets while shooting at officers. One woman was stuck by a bullet in downtown Grand Rapids, but was not seriously injured. The chase then continued onto the highways, spanning I-196, US-131 and I-96, at times going the wrong way.

Dantzler eventually left the highways, driving down an embankment and into a neighborhood.

Dantzler entered a single-family home, firing several shots as he forced his way inside and took hostages he did not know. He held the three hostage for hours, negotiating with police at times, firing sporadically at officers and inside the house.

He was in the process of surrendering when he turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A friend of Dantzler's tells CBS affiliate WWMT that this chain of events began with a fight with Dantzler had with his current girlfriend earlier in the day.

Dantzler apparently said he "would kill them all."

In 2010 Dantzler pleaded guilty to assault and battery and served about a year. In 2000 there was another guilty plea to assault. Back in 1997 he pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property and was given probation and in 1992 he was charged as a juvenile for breaking and entering.

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