Victim Seeks Cash From Moss

A man beaten by Vikings star Randy Moss while both were in high school is trying to collect money for the crime more than four years after a court ruling in his favor.

Ernest Roy Johnson has asked a judge to follow through on an Aug. 1, 1995, ruling requiring Moss to pay for damages. Moss' lawyer, however, contends Johnson waited too long.

"He thought he was going to get the money and trusted that the money would come but it never did," Michael Allen, Johnson's lawyer, said during a hearing Wednesday.

Allen would not say how much money Johnson is seeking.

Moss, who signed a four-year, $4.4 million contract with Minnesota last season as a rookie, had agreed to pay restitution, but he was never contacted by the court or a probation office to make payments, his lawyer, Tim DiPiero, said

"It's unprecedented to come in now and seek restitution," DiPiero said. "I have to wonder if we would be here today if Randy were a coach somewhere instead of in the NFL."

Johnson was hospitalized in 1995 with a concussion and injuries to his spleen, liver and kidney from the fight at DuPont High School in Belle, W.Va. Moss pleaded guilty to battery and was placed on probation. His probation was revoked and he served jail time for failing a drug test.

Judge Charles King gave the lawyers 10 days to submit written arguments before ruling if the case can proceed.

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