A veteran lost his American flag until another veteran stepped up to help

Veteran finds lost American flag
Veteran finds lost American flag 01:14

As William Holley was moving to a new apartment in Maryland, an American flag, in a display case, fell out of his truck. The flag had honored an uncle, WWI veteran Marcellus Herod.

"We figured that somebody just stopped, picked it up and headed on out," Holley said.

Somebody did — Navy veteran Tom Jarrett.

"I do know how important that flag is," Jarrett said. "It's presented for sacrifice for the United States of America."

He turned the flag over to the police. A YouTube video helped track down Holley. In a solemn ceremony, Holley, an Army veteran, was reunited with the red, white and blue.

"This means a lot to the family, but as fellow veterans, we understand the story behind this flag and what it stands for," he said.

Resident finds lost flag in road. PGPD looking for its owner. by PGPD Police on YouTube
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