"Vermontasauras," 122 ft. long wooden dinosaur, saved from extinction

"Vermontasaurus" in Post Mills, Vt.

(CBS/AP) POST MILLS, Vt. - The "Vermontasaurus" lives!

A man whose whimsical 122-ft. long wooden dinosaur sculpture faced possible extinction will get to keep it, after Vermont environmental officials approved a land use permit for the monstrosity.

The 25-foot tall "creature," erected in Post Mills, Vt. out of broken wooden planks and other scrap by airstrip operator Brian Boland, had faced opposition from neighbors and town officials after it went up last year.

Now, a district environmental commission has agreed to let "Vermontasaurus" stand.

The state's District Environmental Commission No. 3 recently signed off on the permit, saying the wooden dinosaur won't destroy or imperil wildlife. The town of Thetford had already waived the need for a building permit, saying the structure was a piece of art.

As we know, art - like beauty - is in the eye of the beholder.