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Venomous spiders close Pennsylvania elementary school

MERCERSBURG, Pa. -- A central Pennsylvania elementary school district has closed one of its schools due to an infestation of venomous spiders.

CBS affiliate WHP reports that, according to a statement from the Tuscarora School District, brown recluse spiders have been found nesting in some parts of Montgomery Elementary School.

Brown recluse spider CBS affiliate WHP

The spiders, which are venomous, have forced district officials to close the building until they're gone.

"Over the next few weeks the pest control management company will be applying a series of intense treatments to the entire building. These two, non-residual treatments are known to be very effective, and the pest management company believes that they will be able to exterminate the pests," the statement said, according to WHP.

District superintendent Charles Prijatejl said this is the second time the spiders have been found in the school. The pests were found last year in the building, and it was properly fumigated.

The Tuscarora School District made the decision to close the school Tuesday after officials met with the district's pest control management company reports WHP. The company found five to six spiders in the school's library in mid-July.

WHP reports that the spiders were first found in the school's kitchen. After a treatment, the spiders were found in traps in the library. This type of spider is known for living in dry, sheltered areas.

The superintendent told WHP that he believes the insect came in through a produce box.

"We're making precautions," said Prijatelj. "We're changing things. We're removing cardboards from classrooms. It's all going to be district-wide."

Steve Miller, of Home Paramount Pest Control, says the spider bites are usually painless but produce an ulcer.

WHP reports that it is believed no one has been bitten. Students are currently on summer break.

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