Vaughn With The Wind

Cue Andrea Boccelli's "Time to Say Goodbye."

Our blog sibling Vaughn Ververs is departing for sunnier climes. As some of you may have heard, he's moving on to hunt bigger game.

Vaughn has just posted his farewell over at Public Eye:

From my perspective, the most important challenge over the first 16 months has been to build credibility – both inside and outside of CBS News. It is understandable that both sides would look at us from a somewhat jaded point of view. Many internally feared that we would be constantly looking over their shoulders, micro-criticizing each move they made. Some on the outside wondered whether this effort wouldn't end up as a PR vehicle, used to defend the network from criticism rather than address it. The trick has been to be fair and tough on both sides.
Vaughn has indeed been fair and -- dare we say it? -- balanced. We wish him well and hope he'll hang out with Couric & Co. from time to time. We'd love to hear what's on his mind as he surveys the political landscape -- and we suspect our readers would, too.