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Vargas, Woodruff In At ABC

Two down, one to go: ABC has named Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff co-anchors of an "expanded version" of "World News Tonight." ABC News has the press release. In a first for an evening newscast, there will be a live version of the show broadcast to the west coast, as well as "a live daily Webcast anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff" every weekday afternoon. (There's less to the Webcast than meets the eye, though: It looks like it's just an update of top stories and a preview of that night's "World News Tonight" broadcast.)

In addition, "'World News Tonight' will … significantly increase its presence on with distinct content programmed specifically for the Internet audience," according to the press release.

It all goes down January 2nd. Today's news, of course, leaves CBS as the only of the three networks with nightly newscasts yet to name a new, long-term anchor.

This seems as good a place as any to mention what most of you already know: The press has engaged in rampant speculation of late about who, exactly, the new CBS anchor or anchors will be, with a particular focus on "Today Show" host Katie Couric. And we've pretty much ignored it. Why? Well, frankly, because there's not much for us to say – until something goes down, it's pretty much all noise. But when it does, make sure you check in early and often. We'll be all over it.

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