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Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures hacked from e-mail, FBI now involved, says report

Vanessa Hudgens meets with FBI over leaked nude pictures
Vanessa Hudgens Getty

(CBS) - Vanessa Hudgens is now reportedly working with the FBI to determine who hacked her online e-mail account and leaked several nude photos of her on the internet.

PICTURES: Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo Scandal

Federal investigators believe Hudgens and several other celebrities had their e-mails compromised by a ring of savvy nerds, possibly being led by an individual, according to online reports.

Hudgens' lawyer, Christopher Wong, told celebrity gossip site, TMZ, that the teen star is "deeply upset and angered that these old photos, which were taken years ago, continue to resurface."

"It is particularly disturbing that whoever got a hold of these private photos seem to be intent on illegally leaking them out over a long period of time," Wong told TMZ.

This is reportedly the third time compromising photos have been leaked of the 22-year-old former Disney star.

"We are actively working with law enforcement to determine who is responsible and to hold them accountable for their actions," Wong told the gossip site.

Another actress who the feds say was hacked by the same group is Scarlett Johansson, who had a nude picture stolen from her iPhone, according to TMZ.

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