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Van Jones Plotting His Next Move

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Former Obama adviser Van Jones, who resigned over the weekend after criticism over his past statements about Republicans and association with the "9/11 Truther" movement, is now working out of an office at a liberal think tank, according to reports.

Politico and the New York Daily News report that Jones is utilizing space at the Center for American Progress (CAP) as he thinks about his next move.

It was previously reported that he had taken a new job there, where he has worked in the past, but CAP later clarified in a statement that he hadn't taken a new job.

"We have offered Van office space for him to work out of while he figures out what he wants to do next," CAP spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri said.

CAP was founded by John Podesta, who was President Obama's transition team leader and was chief of staff to former President Bill Clinton.

Politico's Ben Smith had this to say about the move, even though it doesn't include a new job: "The welcome from the establishment Democratic political and policy shop demonstrates that Jones, despite having resigned from the White House, remains very welcome in the party."

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