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Van Hollen Raising Money For La. Run-off

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen is asking colleagues for money to help Democrat Paul Carmouche pick up a Republican seat in Louisiana early next month.

Carmouche faces Republican John Fleming in the state's Dec. 6 run-off to decide who will replace retiring GOP Rep. Jim McCrery. In a letter to colleagues on Friday, Van Hollen casts the run-off as the Republicans "last stand" in what should be the final race of the 2008 election cycle.

"They want to stop our momentum in the South," Van Hollen wrote. "We need to rebouble our efforts to make sure Paul has the resources to win."

In the letter, Van Hollen makes the case that Carmouche fits a mold that has been particularly successful for Democrats this cycle - Southern moderates from districts President Bush and John McCain won.

"Moderate and conservative Democrats are winning in districts that George Bush carried in 2004 and John McCain carried this cycle because our candidates reflect the values and priorities of their districts," Van Hollen said.

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