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Van der Sloot Update: Police Find DNA Under Stephany Flores' Fingernails, Says Report

Joran van der Sloot (AP Photo/Roberto Candia)

NEW YORK (CBS) Peruvian police reported Thursday that they found skin beneath the fingernails of Stephany Flores, the 21-year-old student Joran van der Sloot is accused of murdering, according to a report.

PICTURES: Van der Sloot Hotel Room Crime Scene

Miguel Canlla Ore, head of homicide and a colonel in the Peruvian National Police, told CNN that the amount of skin detected was minuscule and that laboratory DNA tests may identify who it came from, but results from the tests are not complete.

The Dutchman is accused of killing Peruvian business student Stephany Flores in his Lima hotel room on May 30. He is also the main suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway.

Police say he smashed in the face of Flores, the student he met playing poker before leading her back to his hotel room. According to police, van der Sloot then strangled her, threw her to the floor and emptied her wallet.

Explicit crime scene photos, obtained exclusively by 48 Hours | Mystery from sources close to the investigation and published exclusively byCrimesider show a severely beaten Flores, her body badly bruised, her clothes stained with blood.

According to an official toxicology report obtained by CBS News, Flores had amphetamines in her blood when she died.

Van der Sloot confessed to Flores' murder, according to police, but has since recanted his statement claiming the confession was coerced. 

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