Van der Sloot TV Deal? $1 Million Demand for Interview, Says Report

Joran van der Sloot (Personal Photo)
Joran van der Sloot (Personal Photo)
Joran van der Sloot (Personal Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS) Joran van der Sloot is reportedly hoping to tell his side of the story on-camera...for $1 million.

PICTURES: Van der Sloot Hotel Room Crime Scene

Sources within the Peruvian prison where the Dutch national is awaiting trial for the May 30 murder of Stephany Flores, told ABC News that van der Sloot is reportedly trying to cash in on his notoriety. They claim that he says he will sit down for a television interview with anyone willing to pay him $1 million.

Police say van der Sloot gave a full confession of the crime; since then he has unsuccessfully attempted to have the confession thrown out.

These reports come just a day after van der Sloot was indicted in the U.S. on charges he tried to extort $250,000 from Beth Holloway, the mother of Natalee Holloway. He remains the sole suspect in the unresolved 2005 disappearance of the Alabama teen on the Caribbean island of Aruba.

If convicted in the murder of Flores, van der Sloot faces between 15 and 35 years in prison.

Graphic crime scene photos, obtained exclusively by 48 Hours | Mystery from sources close to the investigation and published exclusively by Crimesider, show a severely beaten Flores, her body badly bruised, her clothes stained with blood.