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Van der Sloot Appeals Ruling to Uphold Confession in Stephany Flores Murder

Van der Sloot Appeals Ruling to Uphold Confession in Stephany Flores Murder
Joran van der Sloot (AP Photo/America Television Channel, Domingo al Dia) AP Photo

NEW YORK (CBS) Joran van der Sloot is waiting in a Peruvian jail to see if a three judge panel will accept his defense attorney's appeal based on claims that the confession he gave Peruvian police in May in the death of Stefany Flores was illegal because the Dutch national did not have proper legal representation or an official translator.

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The confession was upheld in June by a superior court judge in Lima, Peru. The judge said that van der Sloot's claims were "unfounded." Van der Sloot has also sued his state-appointed attorney, Marina Romero Chinchay, saying that she was imposed on him and that she became involved because she was in a relationship with a police officer, van der Sloot's attorney, Maximo Altez Navarro, told CNN on Friday.

"We believe we did a good job demonstrating that there wasn't an official translator and that his attorney [at the time of the confession] did not have a document accrediting her as his attorney," Altez told the news channel.

Van der Sloot has long been considered a suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Van der Sloot allegedly confessed to her murder then later recanted. He is believed to be the last person to have seen Holloway alive.

The Dutchman faces charges of first-degree murder and robbery for the May 30 death of Stephany Flores. Police say he smashed in the face of Flores, the student he met playing poker before leading her back to his hotel room. According to police, van der Sloot then strangled her, threw her to the floor and emptied her wallet.

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