Valentine, Schmalentine

Our "C&C" deskmate and partner-in-crime, Melissa McNamara spends her free time (of which she has almost none) reading blogs. The result of her efforts is Blogophile, her weekly roundup of all things bloggy. The subject this week is Valentine's Day, and it's not all hearts and flowers:
Bloggers are seizing on the latest trend in Valentine's Day: Anti-Valentine's Day! It's a growing market for everyone from greeting card companies to restaurants and bars. American Greetings has even launched a new line of cards for singles and those with a general disdain for the holiday.

Anti-Valentine's Day messages run rampant online, with blogs full of holiday loathing, and some sites even pushing products with messages that take a hit at Cupid.

Crack open that box of Whitman's that your beloved left you this morning, and take a moment to read the rest.