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Vaccine Watch: Online Report Claims Vaccine Advisor Made Millions

Last July, CBS News investigated allegations of conflicts of interest among "independent" experts who comment on vaccine safety, and the companies that manufacture vaccines. One widely-quoted defender of vaccine safety, Dr. Paul Offit of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, was mentioned in the report in connection to his anti-diarrhea vaccine Rotateq, which he helped develop with Merck.

At the time, neither Dr. Offit nor Children's Hospital would provide information regarding the total compensation Offit receives or has received from pharmaceutical companies, including Merck, for speeches, consulting arrangements, studies, and other services. Nor would they provide information on how much compensation Offit has received in connection with the Rotateq vaccine. This report claims to have found the answer.

At the time of our original report, Dr. Offit wouldn't agree to an interview, but a spokesman said he is upfront about the pharmaceutical money he has received, and that it doesn't sway his opinion on vaccine safety issues.

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