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Va. fireman faces DUI for fire truck joyride

HAMILTON, Va. - The Loudon County Sheriff's office said a volunteer firefighter is facing drunken driving charges following a joyride in a fire truck.

The sheriff's office says 27-year-old Sean Richard Swanson, a volunteer at a Hamilton fire company, was arrested after taking a fire truck out late Friday night.

The sheriff's office says four other volunteers in the county's fire-rescue system were also in the truck at the time.

The sheriff's office says Swanson was charged with driving under the influence and unauthorized use of a vehicle following field sobriety tests given after the fire truck was pulled over.

A few weeks ago, Virginia was the scene of another joyride, as reported by CBS Affiliate WTKR, when an ambulance parked outside Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City was driven away by a recently-discharged patient.

A woman in her 30s drove the ambulance around the hospital complex before parking nearby. When police took her into custody, she tried getting into the driver's side of the police cruiser.