V For Ventura?

Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, who won an improbable place in political history as an independent candidate in 1998, is hinting that he may seek public office once again, this time the U.S. Senate, according to one report.

Ventura has said that "none of the above" would be a better choice than current Sen. Norm Coleman or Democrat Al Franken for the fall. "I may go down and file," he told fans at a recent book signing. "I will be 'none of the above,' and if I win, I'll go to Washington." Ventura has at different times sworn off politics since leaving office after one term and flirted with an independent presidential bid.

But even if Ventura doesn't run, his former campaign manager might. Dean Barkley, who was briefly appointed to the Senate by Ventura to fill the vacancy created by the death of Paul Wellstone, said he's thinking about it. "I don't like either of the candidates out there," he said. "And if no one else will do it, I will." But Barkley added, "Jesse's got first dibs."