Univ. of Va. Greek activities suspended in wake of rape allegations

University of Virginia suspends fraternities ... 01:57

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - Greek life at the Univeristy of Virginia has been suspended until the Spring semester and the Charlottesville police are now investigating allegations of a brutal assault which has called attention to the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses.

Bright, multi-colored post-its covered the doors of the admissions office at the University of Virginia on Monday.

Messages of support, frustration and outrage over explosive allegations in a Rolling Stone article that details the brutal gang rape of an 18-year old freshman at a Phi Kappa Psi fraternity party in 2012.

The campus of the University of Virginia has fallen under scrutiny since allegations of a sexual assault have surfaced. CBS News

Tom Bunting graduated last May and says he knows the student, identified only as Jackie. He cites a sense of entitlement on campus and says the community has been putting the school's reputation above its students.

"If we cheat we are supposed to out that person," he said. "But if you assault, rape another human being and try to cover it up, that's not honorable."

The elite university has expelled more than 100 students over the last 15 years for violations of its strict honor code. Students were kicked out for lying, cheating, stealing, but not a single instance of rape.

"No individual alone can solve this cultural problem, it takes a strong and committed community," said Tommy Reid, president of the inter-fraternity council.

Annie Forrest, who was says she was sexually assaulted freshman year says it's not just a problem here at UVA.

"I do believe there is a rape culture on grounds, however i don't believe it is unique to UVA," said Forrest. "I believe it extends far past our grounds to all college campuses."

University President Teresa Sullivan has called the allegations "appalling" and said today she will meet with student advocacy groups. UVA is one more than 80 schools under federal investigation for sexual assault violations.

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