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Utah streakers point to "American Pie" movie for naked inspiration

Part of DVD cover for the movie, "American Pie: The Naked Mile" Wikipedia

(CBS/AP) OGDEN, Utah - Four Utah teens armed with a BB gun told deputies they were motivated by a scene from an "American Pie" movie when they went running naked through an Ogden-area neighborhood.

Authorities said Wednesday the teens were spotted streaking in the residential community about 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City at about 2 a.m. Sunday.

When a deputy responded, a 17-year-old girl ducked behind a tree, while three teenage boys kept running and were found soon thereafter.

Deputies notified the teens' parents and let them off with a warning.

The 2006 film "American Pie: The Naked Mile" features a high school student who wants to join a college campus' tradition of running a mile naked.

As to why the naked foursome was "packing" a BB gun... the teens said they feared they would be attacked by deer during their run.

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