Utah gov. tells state employees to limit idling

exhaust fumes

(CBS News/AP) When it comes to balancing state budgets, every little bit helps. And if it aids the environment, all the better. Utah governor Gary Herbert signed an executive order on Thursday requiring state employees to limit idling in government fleet vehicles to reduce emissions and clear the air - and maybe save some gas in the process.

Herbert signed an executive order Thursday that limits idling in state vehicles to 30 seconds, with some exceptions.

Herbert says he's calling on all Utah motorists to follow suit and help the state reduce air pollution. With 7,300 vehicles in the state fleet, Herbert estimates the ban on idling could save taxpayers up to 60,000 gallons of fuel a year.

Herbert previously announced Utah will buy 73 electric-gas hybrids this year, boosting the total number of hybrids in the state fleet to more than 500. In addition, the state is adding four compressed natural gas vehicles to 85 already in the fleet. And officials are buying two all-electric vehicles.