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Usher On Jackson Death: "Very, Very Hard"

Grammy-winning superstar Usher said on The Early Show Friday he wouldn't be the artist he is today without Michael Jackson.

Usher said he felt Jackson's influence not only in music, but also in philanthropy and "as a man."

"This loss has just been very, very hard for everybody," Usher said over the phone from Paris, "and very, very hard for me."

"You never really miss those people that matter so much until you can't have them anymore," Usher said. "You know, it's just like 'wow."'

Usher said he's been thinking back to the times he shared with Jackson.

"It's very hard," Usher said. "But I'm pretty sure he would want us to celebrate in his absence."

Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez asked Usher how he now views the memory of performing with Jackson.

Usher said the moment was the pinnacle of his career. "And it means even more now that he's no longer here," he said.

Usher said the last time he spoke with Jackson they were considering working together. The project never happened, he said, but Jackson was in "a very, very good spirit at the time."

Usher, who thanked Jackson when he received an award at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2004 told Rodriguez he would "definitely" do a tribute to Jackson.

He said, "That is definitely on the horizon."

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