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U.S. soccer stars get their kicks on Letterman

Just two days after their devastating loss in the World Cup final, U.S. women soccer stars Abby Wambach and Hope Solo stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman to do something a bit less heart-wrenching: kick soccer balls at moving New York City cabs.

As you can see in the video, it took a few tries before Solo was able to drop kick a goal into the back seat of an open-door minivan driving down Broadway.

Prior to the light-hearted shoot-around in midtown New York, Wambach told Letterman the loss to Japan in the World Cup final was "heartbreaking" but said the team had no regrets.

"Losing in penalties in the final of the World Cup is a heartbreaker, but I do feel like we got so much excitement back here in the States and couldn't be prouder," she said.

Solo noted that just after the game, Japan's Aya Miyama (a friend with whom she shared emails before the final) wasn't celebrating on the field after Japan's win.

"She wanted to show the Americans respect because she knew how much it hurt us," Solo said. "I had to tell her, 'Aya, you won the World Cup, the first time in your nation's history, celebrate please."

Letterman, without missing a beat, had another idea for what Solo could have told Miyama: "'Would it have killed you to lay down?' That's what I would have said."

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