U.S. bobsledder who busted door in Sochi learns proper method from cops

DENTON, Texas -- A U.S. bobsledder who gained fame during the Winter Olympics in Sochi for busting through a stuck bathroom door has learned the proper way to breach a barrier.

Johnny Quinn on Wednesday joined Denton Police Department tactical officers for training on getting through locked doors.

Quinn used a law enforcement battering ram to break through a door set up for the exercise. Officer Ronny Crain said the key is to hit as close to the knob as possible. reported that Quinn was a receiver at the University of North Texas in Denton and walked onto the school's track and field team. He is also in the school's athlete hall of fame.

Quinn, who also received lessons on firing an assault rifle and a handgun, says he was humbled to be able to train with police officers.

While in Sochi, Quinn made headlines for posting a photo on Twitter after busting down a bathroom door: