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December 20, 2003
6:30 p.m. PT

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On this final weekend of the New Hampshire primary campaign, the Democratic presidential candidates are battling for position, and in some cases, survival. With the clock running out, John Kerry appears, for the moment at least, to be gliding toward a first-place finish. Jim Axelrod is watching the race

The voters decide, but history tells us that the lessons from New Hampshire may not be about who wins, but about who loses. The last two presidents came in second in New Hampshire. Joining us from there to talk about this year's possibilities is Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer.

It has been a costly day for US troops in Iraq. Five Americans were killed in two separate attacks in the "Sunni Triangle" near Baghdad. 512 Americans have now been killed in the line of duty since the war began. Allen Pizzey in Baghdad has more.

Secretary of state Colin Powell today said for the first time, that it is an open question whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the primary reason for invading Iraq. Powell, who made the case before the United Nations less than a year ago, backtracked today when responding to comments from the outgoing leader of the weapons search team. Dan Raviv reports.

Very much on the agenda in campaign '04, and front and center in the President's State of the Union, is the highly-emotional issue of gay marriage. Michelle Miller has more on that story.

The Spirit Rover on Mars is doing better tonight. NASA reported progress in troubleshooting the ailing rover, and upgraded its condition from "critical" to "serious." Joining us to discuss the rover, is CBS News Space Consultant Bill Harwood.

UN health officials said today that Asia's deadly bird-flu virus has spread to at least six countries and has claimed at least six lives in Vietnam. Thailand reports one suspected death. In china, the challenge is also preventing a repeat outbreak of SARS. Barry Petersen reports.

Obesity is an epidemic that cost taxpayers 75-billion dollars last year for Medicare and Medicaid charges alone. Health officials warn that Americans, including children, must change their habits. Some schools are taking that advice very seriously.

Schools and students battling the bulge is the focus of tonight's Weekend Journal. Thalia Assuras has that story.

With the New Hampshire primary three days away, there's still time for the candidates to get some winning pointers from a home-grown guru who dispenses coffee, papers, and free advice. Randall Pinkston dropped in as well.

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