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Untold Stories: Week Of May 24

CBS News Correspondent David Jackson takes a look at some of the little news that got pushed aside by the headlines this past week.

Sunken Treasure
They think they found the Yorktown! A National Geographic team located the carrier more than three miles down—on the Pacific floor. It sank almost 56 years ago, hit by a torpedo in the Battle of Midway. A lot of guys died.

Is this in Glenn's future?
Did Glenn Eat His Wheaties?
Ohio's congressional delegation is lobbying General Mills to get John Glenn's face on the Wheaties box when he returns from space this Fall. First time for a non-athlete. He'll be the oldest person to have visited outer space.

Commuter Saves The Day
There's a New Orleans commuter a lot of people want to thank. On his drive to work, he spotted a fire and went door-to-door warning people. Seven houses burned, but nobody was hurt and the guy just left. So, if you're out there—on behalf of the homeowners—thanks!

Wham-O's Back
A group of investors bought Wham-O from Mattel last Fall, and now—to mark the company's 50th anniversary and the 40th anniversary of the Hula Hoop and Frisbee—there's a coast-to-coast tour called Wham-O Invasion. It's a shot at luring today's kids away from computer games and back to plastics, maybe even back to those old, wooden Wham-O slingshots that occasionally got some kids we know in a little trouble—decades back.

Going Up? Going Nowhere
They re-opened the Washington Monument to the public. But the new elevator stuck.

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