Untold Stories: Week Of May 17

With India exploding, Indonesia imploding, and a summit in Britain, a lot of "little" news got left behind this week. CBS News Correspondent David Jackson takes a look back at some of the stories that you might have missed.

Legal Battle's A Beauty
There's the Miss Colorado case. The original, Regina Flores, was fired for taking a part-time job without permission, letting her Mom schedule appearances instead of the pageant, and for missing a trip to Russia. But an arbitrator ruled that there was no Russia trip scheduled. Flores was ordered reinstated and awarded $150,000 in damages and legal fees. But the pageant says, "No way!" Organizers say they don't have the money and may disband if forced to pay. Besides, they already named a new queen. Stay tuned.

Moscow's Police Farce
Then, there's Moscow's crime wave—with a difference. The police chief says most assaults and robberies are now committed by people in police uniforms. He says they're usually former cops who have quit and gone to work for organized crime.

Official Not All He Appears
The White House drug czar, Barry McCaffrey, doesn't like the way one Peruvian official covered his recent visit. It seems that he altered video tapes to make himself look better. He's shown in deep discussion with McCaffrey over drug policy. Not true. The tape also seems to show him chairing a drug seminar that he only attended.

Covered In Tattoos
There was a tattoo convention in New York, where one delegate declared that tattoos are more acceptable now that wearers can be considered beautiful! Case in point: a 66-year-old man on exhibit. He had tattoos from ankles to the crown of his head. Beautiful!

Where's The Airport?
Then there were the crowded skies over the Red Sea and a near collision. A U.S. military cargo plane nearly hit an Israeli passenger plane when the U.S. pilot mistook the airport in Eilat, Israel, for his intended destination in Jordan. The Eilat tower saw him coming and called him off just in time.

War Flick Causes A Stir
There's a new movie in Japan about World War II, and it's getting warm reviews. It's called Pride. China and North Korea condemn it roundly for glossing over Japanese aggression.

That's Some Fish!
And finally, catfish! Ken Paulie hooked one at the Elk City Reservoir in Kansas. May just be a record. He had to weigh it at a grain elevator. A flathead catfish: 5 feet long, more than 42 inches around the girth. 121 pounds! Now THAT's a catfish!