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Untold Stories: Week Of June 28

There was a lot going on that we just didn't have a chance to tell you this past week. CBS News Correspondent David Jackson takes a look.

Bhutan's Biggest Fan
The President made so much news in China this past week that we never got to tell you about Bhutan. Then again, we never get to tell you a lot about Bhutan. The small, closed Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas, where television is banned and tourism is discouraged, got a huge screen TV! Big screens were placed in a stadium in the capital, Thimpu, to watch World Cup soccer matches. It seems that the King is a big fan.

A Sticky Situation
Then there's the big grease caper. Two people on trial: charged with stealing ten thousand dollars worth of used cooking grease from a restaurant. There is a market for the stuff - for soap, animal feed, and gunpowder!

How to See A Sea Relic
And you may not sightsee on the Titanic. A federal judge in Virginia rules that a tour company may NOT take divers to the wreck, or even take pictures of it, without permission of the company that owns the salvage rights. There IS an appeal underway arguing that U-S courts have no jurisdiction.

Tasteful Or Tacky?
There's a special government committee in Britain proposing a memorial to Princess Diana - a garden near her home, Kensington Palace. Neighbors are not pleased. They're concerned that it'll become a tourist magnet.

Charitable Staple
Humanitarian aid to Cuba! A U-S farm trade group donates more than 40-thousand pounds of feed corn to Cuban rabbit producers. The plan is to distribute rabbit MEAT to Cuban day care centers.

Costly Correspondence
Then there's the wristwatch once owned by a guy who turned time on its ear. Some of Albert Einstein's things went on auction in New York. The watch, some photos, and love letters to a suspected Soviet spy failed to make minimum bid and were withdrawn. BUT, 14 letters from Chopin to a friend brought more than 300-thousand dollars.

Following Goldilocks
And finally, the untold story of a family in Haines Falls, New York. As people slept upstairs, a bear and two cubs broke down the front door and helped themselves to spaghetti and butter. Who wouldn't!

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