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Untold Stories: Week Of July 19

CBS News Correspondent David Jackson takes a look at some of the little news that got pushed aside by the headlines this past week.

Discovery Is DINO-mite!
There's a new dinosaur in the books. They found fossils on an island off the coast of England. It looked a bit like a cat. It ate meat. It was 12-feet long and had unusually long hind legs for high-speed running. It's the first time a small, meat-eating dinosaur has been found in Britain.

Tomb Has A Story To Tell
And speaking of old, some other folks found Iron Age tombs in Greece. They offer hints of village life during the sixth and seventh centuries B. C. One expert says the tombs are very organized: people buried side-by-side with clear boundaries between the graves. And lots of artifacts—daggers and copper, iron and gold jewelry.

Duffers' Delight
Golfing artifacts went for top dollar at auction in Scotland. A metal-head blade putter from the late 18th or early 19th century went for almost $175,000. A copy of the rules and the membership list from the Royal Perth Golfing Society sold for almost $70,000.

Escape Was Taped!
Then there's the jail in Oberlin, Ohio, where a police officer concedes that "a lot of things obviously went wrong." They caught it all on security video tape—just not quickly enough. Seems an inmate was left alone after a session with his lawyer. You can watch him look around a bit, crawl under one door, and pass through several unlocked doors and……..gone!

You Read It Here—There—First
The British tabloids report that Prince William, for the first time, met with his dad's long-time lover Camilla Parker Bowles. What's interesting is that two tabloids—the Sun and the Mirror—both claimed world exclusives on the story.

Graft Gets The Shaft
And finally, a section of Mexico City managed to more than double its income in just five months. The magic formula: Make building contractors apply for permits directly from the city government. That took some bribe-taking building inspectors out of the loop. Some have been fired and some are getting remedial training.

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