Untold Stories For The Week Of Feb. 15

Between the standoff in Iraq and the face-off between the special prosecutor and the President, there wasn't enough time to tell you a few other interesting stories. For instance, did you know that an Australian Constitutional Convention took the first step toward breaking all ties with Britain? There will be a referendum next year.

Unlucky Wedding -- A Real Blast!
On Friday the 13th, a radio station in Maine decided to debunk all the bad luck superstitions and held a wedding. The bride and groom walked under ladders and broke mirrors. That's when the explosion happened. Foil wedding balloons floated up and shorted out power lines. Three thousand people were left in the dark. Some luck!

Vote Of Confidence
The former co-Prime Minister of Cambodia, dumped in a bloody coup, says he'll come home from exile in time to register for summer elections. Could be risky.

Hard-Headed Legislators
Kentucky's legislature voted to repeal the state's motorcycle helmet law. Lawmakers say you can get hurt with or without a helmet, so drop the law.

Old Letter Offers Peak At Prez
The Library of Congress marked Presidents Day by posting letters written by George Washington to his mom on the Internet. One tells of a nasty battle during the French and Indian War. He writes that he had two horses shot out from under him and emerged with four bullet holes in his coat. Somehow, he writes, he was unhurt.

Rules For Budding Up To Bears
A warning was issued in Alaska. Pepper spray in the face is okay for keeping bears at a distance, but don't spay it on your tent or around the campsite. Used that way, it actually attracts bears. They like to roll in it.

Fight For A 73-Year-Old Pup
Also from Alaska, some school kids say they want Balto back. Balto is the hero sled dog that in 1925 led the last leg of a run to bring diphtheria serum to Nome. It inspired the Iditarod sled-dog race. It's a long story, but Balto ended up stuffed in a Cleveland museum. The kids want the stuffed pup back, but we're told that the museum is unlikely to give him up.

Written by CBS News Correspondent David Jackson. ©1998, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved