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Unplugged: Nobel Prize a "Potential Burden" for Obama

On today's "Washington Unplugged," the Brookings Institution's Stephen Hess and CBS News' Juan Zarate both agreed that receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is a mixed political bag for President Obama.

"I think it complicates things," Zarate told moderator Bob Schieffer. "He is on the eve of some very important decisions many that entail war, and commissions of troops…one could see this a potential burden on him."

Both roundtable guests alluded to the fact that the Nobel committee awarded Mr. Obama the prize for his aspirations rather than accomplishments.

Stephen Hess said it was the committee's "audacity of hope" that it was a "down payment on some future achievements."

"Having given this to President Obama absent a concrete accomplishment is really a statement about his approach diplomatically," Zarate said. He added that the real challenge the administration is how this momentum translates into real policy.

It was discussed whether the award would further polarize the president's allies and foes.

Schieffer said he thought of the old adage "protect me from my friends, I can handle my enemies" during the president's Rose Garden remarks this morning. "I almost had a moment of sympathy for him because he had to on the one hand appear humbled but not embarrassed for receiving this award."

Watch the full roundtable above, with also includes video of the Dalai Lama's visit to Washington this week.

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