Unpaid $70 restaurant bill adds up to three years in prison for Ill. man

A man who didn't pay his bill at an Alamo Steakhouse in eastern Illinois was served a 3-year prison sentence
(CBS) CHARLESTON, Ill. - Illinois man Anthony Malabehar, who has a habit of trying to eat for free by skipping out on restaurant tabs, now knows where his next meal is coming from.


Malabehar, 47, pleaded guilty to felony theft charges after authorities say he didn't pay for his $70 meal consisting of an drinks, an appetizer and an entrée at the Alamo Steak House in Mattoon.

Authorities tell the Mattoon Journal-Gazette that the attempted freebie in April happened about a month after Malabehar was convicted of a similar theft from another eatery in eastern Illinois.

Prosecutors say he was charged with a felony because of his previous criminal record includes other theft convictions, which contributed to his 3-year prison term.

An assistant state's attorney in Coles County says Malahebar told restaurant workers he couldn't pay the bill and then waited for police to arrive at each location.