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Protests erupt outside University of Massachusetts Amherst fraternity over alleged sexual assault

Protests erupt over fraternity sex assault claims
Protests erupt over fraternity sex assault cl... 02:06

Students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are demanding action over allegations of sexual assault. The anger and frustration has been mounting ever since an anonymous post alleging sexual assault at a fraternity on campus went viral last weekend. 

Nearly 100 students on Wednesday gathered to share their stories and hold the administration accountable for what they call a culture of rape, harassment and secrecy on campus. 

In recent days, protesters have gathered outside of the Theta Chi Fraternity house, where the alleged sexual assault occurred. The protest turned violent with shattered windows and a flipped car. 

Gala Cares, a junior, was at the protests. She said she was sexually assaulted at a different fraternity's party when she was a freshman. She still lives with the trauma. 

"He grabbed me, threw me against the wall by grabbing my hair at the scalp very hard to the point where it hurt. But I do know he was groping me. He was just grabbing me like I was thing and not a person," she said. 

She never reported the alleged incident because she didn't think she'd be believed. 

There's been a groundswell of protests against sexual violence on college campuses. Last week, hundreds of students from Auburn University in Alabama to the University of Kansas held rallies to support all victims of sexual assault. 

"Our process actually relies on students to come forward, relies on the Title IX office to look at situations and assure that we can hold them accountable to our student code of conduct," said Brandi Hephner LaBanc, the vice chancellor for student affairs University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Theta Chi Fraternity told CBS News in a statement that "fraternity staff members continue to gather facts and are not currently aware of any formal complaints filed against the chapter or members."

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