Understanding Your Teen

Tips On How To Parent A Teenager

Dealing with teens can be the most confusing and frustrating part of being a parent. The Internet is chock-full of sites that specialize in helping parents navigate through the minefield of teenager parenting.

Parents of Teens This site offers articles and advice on many areas of raising a teenager. It also provides a number of chats and bulletin boards for parent forums.

ABC Parenting This site, run by Parenthood Web, caters to parents raising children of all ages and literally offers information on everything you need to know about parenting, from A to Z.

Raising Kids This U.K. organization has an extensive section on how to parent teens and gives advice because communicating with teens can be like "talking to a brick wall."

Parenting Today's Teens This group is dedicated to offering information, insight, and support for parents of teens.

National Network for Child Care (NCCC) The NCCC offers a number of links for reports from experts on teenage parenting.

The Parent-Teen Relationship Maintained by Canada's National Clearinghouse On Family Violence, this page details the parent-teen relationship, outlining major issues, but through the eyes of a teen.

Parent-teen.com This online magazine guides families with teens through timely issues like the SATs and teen pregnancy.

Spank Mag This lively online magazine is will give parents a look into what is going on in teen/youth culture today helping them understand their teen more.

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