Understanding Death Breath

poison skull and crossbones
Don't open your mouth. Don't even breathe.

These are not exactly good options for most human beings. However, for the millions of people, it may seem like the only answer to avoid sharing bad breath.

An article in the April edition of Scientific American takes a close look at what causes halitosis, why many people have it, and why many who don't believe they do.

Editor Steve Mirsky says there are millions of bacteria present in the mouth all the time. Of the most than 600 species of bacteria, there are some real baddies when it comes to oral odor. In the article, he discusses the leading causes of bad breath, and the steps needed to reduce it. Notice how he does not say eliminate. That's because for human beings, it's almost impossible to eliminate some degree of odor.

We are what we eat. And unless we take care and exercise proper oral hygiene, we'll smell like what we eat for a long, long time.