Underdog U.S. Team Aims For Another Cup Upset

The United States and England meet today for one of the World Cup's most anticipated match-ups, 60 years in the making.

The Americans are ranked 14th, while England ranks eighth. But the underdogs say they are ready for a victory that is long overdue, says CBS news correspondent Mark Phillips.

Everybody's optimistic at the beginning of a tournament, especially England fans about to play the U.S. in what the rest of the world calls "football."

"It's the round one, not the funny-shaped one," says one enthusiast.

CBSNews.com Special Section: 2010 World Cup

The English team is being sent into battle with encouragement from British troops in Afghanistan.

"Just like you, we have to hit the target under pressure," said one soldier.

They're being urged on by prime ministers: "Come on, England!" said David Cameron.

But the U.S. team has presidential approval: "Everybody's going to be rooting for you," said Mr. Obama.

And Team USA has something else on its side: History.

In the 1950 World Cup, before the age of the soccer mom, the U.S. met England as even bigger underdogs.

"We were 500-1 odds to win," said Walter Bahr, who was team captain then.

A funny thing happened: Final score, U.S. 1, England 0. And the current American team thinks this underdog thing can work for them again.

"I've been, I suppose, misfortunate enough to play against all those guys and they're all great players," said USA's Jay Demerit.

So here's Walter Bahr's advice: "The best team doesn't always win."

That's why they play the games.