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"Undercover Boss" Rolls Up Its Sleeves

Have you ever been so frustrated by your company's policies that you wished your boss could spend a day in your shoes?

The new CBS reality show "Undercover Boss" may give you some satisfaction.

Each week, an executive will leave his or her office and go undercover to the front lines to learn from their employees' experiences.

Larry O'Donnell, president and COO of Waste Management, joined Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith from Houston to discuss his undercover experiences.

O'Donnell, who has 45,000 employees, took on five entry-level jobs, which included: sorting trash at a recycling facility, collecting trash in a truck and by hand, working at a landfill and cleaning Port-O-Potty toilets.

At first, O'Donnell said he was reluctant to go on the show, but in the end he had some important revelations about his staff and his company as a whole.

While rolling up his sleeves to get down and dirty, O'Donnell said he was "blown away with how dedicated and hardworking" his staff is and amazed at how much pride they take in their work.

"What I took away was that everyone really loved the company and wanted me to succeed in my job," he said.

Accustomed to the presidential treatment, O'Dnnell said he found that playing the role of a new employee gave him an entirely different perspective.

And in a tough economy, he's looking at any way the company can work as a team to reduce costs and save jobs.

"We've already set about trying to make things better," he said.

"Undercover Boss" moves to its regular time slot this Sunday, with a look at Hooters President and CEO Coby G. Brooks.

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