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"Undercover Boss" Gets Emotional

Rick Arquilla, the president and COO of the plumbing and drain cleaning company Roto-Rooter, went undercover and saw the dirty part of his employees' jobs - and revealed emotional parts of his own past - on Sunday's "Undercover Boss."

Posing as "Hank," Arquilla cleaned drains and clogged toilets with the people who work for his company.

"This is probably more than I had bargained for," the executive admitted after cramming a power water hose down a pipe leaking raw sewage in a New Orleans parking lot. When his co-worker, Chris, stepped away from the scene for a few minutes, Arquilla stopped working. Chris was surprised by his colleague's lack of work ethic.

The revelation that Chris was a recovering alcoholic caused an emotional reaction for Arquilla, who admitted that his father, who had once worked on the factory floor at a Roto-Rooter plant, also battled alcoholism but died before he could turn his life around.

Arquilla's work in the field continued to be disappointing when he couldn't remove hair from a clogged bathtub. During this project, he met an employee named Darrell, who revealed that he had heart problems but that Roto-Rooter had denied his disability claim.

Arquilla looked into Darrell's claim, found the paperwork hadn't been filled out properly and said the company would fix it. He also helped out another employee with a large burden on her shoulders. Candace, who said she had an autistic son and was having financial troubles, received $5,000 for her mortgage payments and help to care for her son.