Uncle: Swiss Twin Girls' Father Mailed Euros

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GENEVA (AP) - An uncle of the missing Swiss twins says the girls' mother received euro5,000 ($6,830) in mailings from their father before he was found dead in an apparent suicide in Italy.

Dr. Valerio Lucidi told reporters Tuesday the girls' family interprets this as a bad sign because when they heard the father withdrew euro7,000 ($9,570) in Marseilles, they hoped he had used it to pay for childcare after the girls went missing Jan. 30.

"This worries us a lot," said the Belgian surgeon whose sister, Irina Lucidi, was separated from her husband, Matthias Kaspar Schepp. His body was found with only about euro100 ($135) on him.

Lucidi said the girls were last seen playing with a neighbors' child more than a week ago in Lausanne where they lived and could be anywhere from Switzerland to Italy.