Ultra bizarre indecent exposure case in Minn. park, police say

Police arrested 50-year-old Alan Petrusson for indecent exposure at a suburban Minneapolis park
CBS Minnesota

(CBS) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Police say a 50-year-old man eventually turned himself in - but not before he was found tied to a tree, blindfolded, waiting for anonymous sex in a suburban Minneapolis park, CBS Minnesota reports.

Two officers of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources were looking for fishing violations Thursday evening when they say they stumbled upon Alan Petrusson in Dayton Port Roadside Park in Ramsey. They described him as sitting on a sling, blindfolded, with wrists and ankles tied to two trees, and genitals exposed.

But when police arrived, Petrusson was gone. They say all they found was rope and a sling, as well as pornographic materials in Petrusson's car. As they were about to tow the car, Petrusson turned himself in and admitted to using slip knots to tie himself up.

The incident led to Petrusson's arrest for indecent exposure, a misdemeanor.

Police Chief Jim Way claims to be no stranger to arresting men at the park looking to engage in anonymous sex. Six have been arrested in the past, although they keep coming back, Way said. He said they use signals such as turning on their lights or rolling their windows half-way down to show other men they are interested.

But Way admitted Petrusson's arrest was one of the most bizarre cases his department has seen.