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Ultimate Beanie Baby Collector

When I was a kid, people collected coins or stamps. Today the hot collector's items are little stuffed animals. And so Palladium Interactive is out with software to help you organize things. Palladium's Jill Braff....

"We're looking at what people are doing in their daily lives with their hobbies and we're trying to create software to make those hobbies more fun and more enjoyable. For example, when you look at what are people collecting in the United States today, they're collecting Beanie Babies. So we
have the Ultimate Collector for Beanie Babies, the complete unauthorized guide, and it lets you catalog your entire collection of Beanies."

Just ask millions of moms and dads and kids, this is serious stuff that you should track as carefully your checkbook...

"You can enter all your Beanies into the program, you can connect online and buy, sell and trade online, you can hook up with other
collectors asking questions about your collection and you can even print out your own Beanie book to share with your friends."

. Lest you think for one moment that this software was designed for your six year old, you should know it also prints out summaries and insurance reports to show what your collection is worth. The Ultimate Collector for Beanie Babies sells for under twenty dollars.

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