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Facebook takes heat for "baby yoga" video

LONDON -- Facebook has says it won't take down a video showing a baby being swung by its arms that a British charity says amounts to child abuse.

But the social media giant says it will place a warning on the video and remove it from any posts supporting or encouraging such behavior.

The video shows what proponents call "baby yoga." They post videos of babies being swung about by the arms and legs that have prompted periodic outcries.

The latest video shows a wailing baby being swung upside down over a bucket of water.

Britain's National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children wants the government to intervene. Its chief executive, Peter Wanless, said Friday that it's time for "the light to be shone on the responsibilities of social media companies."

The video was reportedly posted by a teenage mother in Malaysia, who British tabloid The Mirror reports was previously arrested for similar abuse.

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