Ugly Ducklings Get Chance to Show Swan Hotness

Erica Hill's "before" and "after" pictures.
Every swan was once an ugly duckling.

That's what the fun new website, Before You Were Hot is all about.

Pictures: Celebs Before They Were Hot

It chronicles the metaphorical duckling-to-swan journey, in human form, by asking people to submit "before" photos of themselves during those awkward years and "after" photos of what they look like now.

The site features several categories, including amazing glasses, bangin' bangs, glamour shots, perms, shoulder pads, and school portraits.

The founders of the website, Melissa Walker and Anne Ichikawa, assure everyone that the site is not mean-spirited.

Walker said on "The Early Show" Tuesday that people willingly submit their own "before" and "after" photos -- like "we were all in this awkward phase together."

Walker and Ichikawa shared some photos from the site, their own "before" photos, and critiqued some celebrity "before" photos.

To see the transformations, click on the video below.

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