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U. Oregon Student Newspaper Endorses Obama

This story was written by Andrew Young,
(UWIRE) --

Calling him the candidate best equipped to deliver change, the Oregon Daily Emerald endorsed Barack Obama for the May 20 Oregon Democratic primary in a Monday editorial.

The editorial board of the student newspaper at the University of Oregon focused much of its endorsement on the concept of experience, writing that it seems that Obamas rapid ascension from obscurity to prominence requires a redefinition of the idea of political experience. Clinton has logged more time in the U.S. Senate and unquestionably has more connections, yet the political climate among Democrats does not bode well for experience. In the eyes of Democratic voters, experience led the country into Iraq, to the brink of recession and away from its core ideals of individual freedom and responsibility. People are looking for a new kind of experience. Not political experience, but authentic American experience.

The Emerald is the 49th college newspaper to endorse the Illinois Senator against four endorsements for Hillary Clinton, according to UWIREs count.

Calling Obama battle-tested by the drawn-out Democratic primaries, the editorial noted that the frontrunner has energized the youth vote with his message of hope and change.

Many of Obamas staunchest supporters cant even describe what it is about him they most like. They talk about passion, inspiration, hope, but they dont talk about experience. They arent looking for experience this time; they want something new, the editorial said.

The endorsement comes on the heels of Obamas visit Friday to the UO campus.

We are going to bring this election to a close right here in Oregon, he said at the rally.

Obama also wrote a guest column in the Oregon State University student paper, the Daily Barometer, in late April.

(UWIRE) --